Saturday, April 13, 2013

Your Cake & ... Something

Justin Timberlake at the White House to celebrate Memphis soul is one of the dumbest-ass things we've heard of since the last Glenn Beck video we saw, but per Mr. Beck Western Civilization is burning while there is nothing but partying & cake-eating at the White House. This boogieing down is connected (via non-sequitor) to forgetting "the principles of maximum liberty & maximum personal responsibility," which in turn leads to ... the French Revolution?

But a French Revolution that takes place in a mirror universe; the king eats his cake & is crowned while his subjects lose their heads. (Sound more reactionary than revolutionary?)Absolutely get Beck's suckerdonor lists, round up every sucker on them & deliver them to the camps. Those who support this clown can't be trusted w/ money & are a clear danger to themselves & others.


anne said...

having a ha lf bottom quic' on this , yes something of his .. end say , someone left a copy of antonia fra' s ..marie .. , at the top of the stairs here , while i was in the under grounding laundering last month , that was a mystery to why .. 'til this moment

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Like everything Beck says, the cake is a lie.

Aunt Snow said...

Oh, fuck Glen Beck. He has more money than Obama ever will, and he probably lives more like The Sun Kind and Marie Antoinette himself. Fuck his elitist pretend populist ass.

M. Bouffant said...

No Coincidences Editor:
Should we be worried that we understand anne?

Not quite comprehending what Four-B offered. Is that one of those "video games?"