Monday, April 15, 2013

How Fascism Begins

They sound concerned for public safety, but some of us know better.

Beantown & Commonwealth of Mass. officials "suggest" that people stay in their homes & not congregate in public. How long before this becomes an emergency ordinance, possibly w/ a curfew? Not long after that any group of three or more people will be called an "illegal assembly" & the forces of repression will be given carte blanche to deal w/ "potential rioters" as they see fit. And most of the people will go right along w/ it. That's why they're called sheep.


Adam Eli Clem said...

Dude, I know you mean well, but predicting a fascist apocalypse in Boston is every bit as silly as rushing to blame Teh Mooslims. So, let's both take an extra Seroquel (or whatever) and be appropriately sad before flipping the fuck out.

M. Bouffant said...

Terribly Unserious Editor:
Aw, we're mocking the paranoid who would stretch such statements to their greatest logical/possible extension.

Still, if the gov't. did want to impose "order" it wouldn't sound very different.

The bupropion won't let us be sad, just paranoid.

Weird Dave said...

Aw, we're mocking the paranoid...

Or are you?

Aunt Snow said...

Mixed feelings about this one. Better to keep folks safe, in the short term. I'm in the events business, and am trying to put myself in officials' shoes.

Have spent the evening with my Berklee alumnus spouse, listening to him stunned, going, "I know exactly where that is."

Me too, though not as precisely, having only been to Boston on tour, but definitely hung on Boyleston.