Friday, August 27, 2021

Three Words: "So Far Escaped"

In the midst of a severe drought, there were 14 large fires statewide in California Thursday, including a blaze that erupted Wednesday in Southern California, which has so far escaped wildfires on the scale of those that have plagued the north all summer.
Never been gladder to live in the concrete jungle.


Ten Bears said...

I sure glas I hitch-hiked out of there fifty years ago.

Not that things are any better in Oregon ...

M. Bouffant said...

It hasn't even been hot here yet. Hope the other shoe isn't a steel-toed boot.

Y'know, when I first came here as a relative adult, in '72, we were stuck in a traffic jam on the 10 for a looong time, w/ helicopters overheard & the whole bit, very apocalyptic. Quite the omen.