Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Today's Nazi Idiot

H.B. man arrested after fellow church member turned tipster reveals alleged role in Capitol attack

"Prayer group". Fuck you, ass-kissing morons. Does Jesus want you all to be squealing rats? Or are squealing rat Nazis just more likely to belong to a "prayer group"? 

Either way, between kissing Hitler's ass & Jesus's ass you fools are fucked good. And Huntington Beach is a complete shithole filled w/ jerks, obviously. Bulldoze the whole fucking gentrified dump into the Pacific.

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Ten Bears said...

Know what really sucks? My brother, whom I haven't seen in the fifty years since I last hitch-hiked out of LA, is a member of that church. Of the hierarchy of that church. At first glance looks like him.

I'm not gonna' be surprised ...