Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Inane Paranoia & Mindless Ignorance

Continuing the nihilistic theme from the previous item, here's a helluva juxtaposition. Welcome to 2021's America.
Wilson Wong / NBC News:
White woman in viral video says she had no choice but to call police on Black bird-watcher … The white woman who was recorded on video calling police to claim that a Black bird-watcher was threatening her in New York City's Central Park last year said she felt she was backed into a corner. 
Brad Reed / Raw Story:   Woman who infamously called cops on Black birdwatcher says she feared he'd beat her with his bike helmet

Jesus, lady, th' hell's wrong w/ you? This corpse, on the other hand, should have been more fearful.

Dickinson councilman H Scott Apley, hospitalized with COVID-19, dies at 45  —  H Scott Apley, a Dickinson city council member and official in the Galveston County Republican Party, has died after being hospitalized with COVID-19, officials said Wednesday in a post on the party's Facebook page. 
Few of your species seem able to remember (or arse yourselves) to breathe. Luckily for you, if not me, you have autonomous systems to make it happen w/o your coöperation. Your non-existent Gawd sure made you fuckers stupid.

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