Monday, August 23, 2021

Hatin' on America: Fans Of The Taliban

Supporters of far-right extremist movements in the United States applauded the Taliban after the group’s takeover of Afghanistan, cheering the development as an existential defeat of Western powers they believe are responsible for perceived declines in society. Some went so far as to frame the US defeat in the nation as a goal for their own movements to aspire toward.


The Taliban and US far-right extremists are aligned on some but not all aspects of their political agenda, including the downgrading of women in the social order, hostility toward LGBTQ people, opposition to abortion, and support for a fundamentalist religious government. Both view the social progress of Western societies as the driver of cultural and political collapse and seek to foment deep resentment against the private and government entities and figures they believe to be responsible for that collapse. For these extremist movements, opposition to the structures of Western society can form the basis of ideological solidarity and make for what can seem like unlikely bedfellows.

Rooting for violent groups opposing US interests in the region is not particularly new for right-wing extremists in the United States, who often oscillate between vocalizing hate toward Muslims at large and nominally supporting religiously motivated extremist organizations in the nations within which they operate. The Southern Poverty Law Center published video footage from 2017 of US-based neo-Nazis participating in a book burning while positively cheering “white Afghanistan” and “white Sharia.”
So their deepest belief is that dickwads w/ guns should be running things, at gunpoint, ideology & religion be damned? So much for Western civilization.

[DFRLab @AtlanticCouncil’s Digital Forensic Research Lab.]
Whoa there! Isn't "The Atlantic Council" more or less the definition of the "Deep State"? Take w/a grain of salt.

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Al said...

The US Empire is evil because it has killed 20-30 million people around the planet since the end of WWII and to some people in America, 20-30 million people = zero.