Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Stupidest & Dumberer

Daily Beast: “The Gateway Pundit’s small role in Trump’s endeavor to weaponize the DOJ against the American electoral process underscores just how easily a discredited far-right media site established a pipeline to the decision-making of the then most powerful person on Earth.”

“It also shows how this one website… managed to play a part in fueling the efforts that brought the country to the brink of democratic rupture.”

“During the final weeks of his presidency, administration officials saw Trump on multiple occasions holding printed-out pages of Gateway Pundit articles in the White House, sometimes in the Oval Office. [A] former senior official recalled one instance when Trump handed them a page printed from the website, which nonsensically alleged massive pro-Biden fraud, and told the official to find out more and to do something about it.”

" ...printed-out pages of Gateway Pundit articles in the White House ..." Just digest that for a minute. It's over for these United Snakes, democracy, & quite probably your entire pathetic species.

[Political Wire]

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