Sunday, August 15, 2021

Sick Of Southerners Sunday

Crackers, Please!!

The artist explains:
Here’s a fact: Country folks are stupid. If you live outside of a city, you’re probably a moron. I’m just kidding.
I'll wager what he really means is I'm just saying, because he has the survey results to prove they're cretins.
[Spotted by Scottie]

Have some empirical anecdata, while we're at it.
Aya Elamroussi / CNN:
‘This is starting to look really ominous in the South,’ expert says, as US is among nations with highest rate of new Covid-19 cases  —  (CNN)The US remains among nations with the highest rate of new Covid-19 cases, driven mostly by a surge in the South, where many states are lagging in getting people vaccinated against the coronavirus.
NC Rep. Keith Kidwell, wife in hospital after being diagnosed with COVID-19  —  WASHINGTON, N.C. (WNCT) — NC Rep. Keith Kidwell, who serves District 79 and Beaufort County, announced on Friday that he is in the hospital after his wife was diagnosed with COVID-19.
You inbred idiots are already making me figuratively sick, please die before you incubate a variant that'll make me literally sick.

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