Thursday, August 12, 2021

So Why Even Bother Enacting Laws Against Murder?

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Existential Fatalist:

“I've talked to local hospitals here in my district in here in my state. Yes, the waiting rooms get full, but guess what? The waiting rooms are full of all kinds of things, not just COVID,” Greene said. “But they're seeing about 30 percent of those numbers being COVID cases.”

She further said that while the media “tries to tell us” that hospitals are “slam-packed with COVID,” that simply isn’t the case.

"Everybody needs to get back down to common sense and remember that, you know, we're human, we can't live forever, we're going to catch all kinds of diseases and illnesses and other viruses, and we get hurt sometimes,” she continued.

Steroids? Excessive compulsive exercise, which deprives the brain of blood & oxygen? Probably both; this woman is stupid and crazy.
    [The Hill]

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