Saturday, August 28, 2021

Phrase Of The Day: "Lungs Stiffen"

Loudmouths getting very sick &/or dying has been going on around here for a couple of wks. since 29 July, at least. (Too lazy to scroll any further back. Might not even have arsed myself for this one, but "lungs stiffen" sold me on the effort.)
Josephine Harvey / Yahoo News
Texas Anti-Mask ‘Freedom Rally’ Organizer Fighting For His Life With COVID-19  —  A Texas man who helped organize protests against pandemic restrictions is fighting for his life after being hospitalized for nearly a month with COVID-19, the San Angelo Standard-Times reported.
John Cole / Balloon Juice:   NO RAGRETS  —  Aww, that's too bad … Every day there's another story about one of these fucking idiots who not only killed themselves, but probably helped kill hundreds if not thousands of others and prevented us from reaching herd immunity and damned us to an eternal endemic, and my general attitude any more is “Fuck them we’re better off without them.” If these assholes had lived they’d be spewing bullshit about something else, fighting stem cell research or calling global warming a myth or some other fucked up nonsense that would make life worse for everyone.
Four wks. is a helluva learning curve, big talkin' buffoons. Think of your families watching you die a slow, agonizing & probably preventable death. Even I, a cold-hearted s.o.b., sympathize w/ the selfish bastard's suffering wife.
“He’s not doing good. It’s not looking in our favor,” she said. “His lungs are stiff due to the fibrosis. They called and said they’ve run out of options for him and asked if I would consent to a do not resuscitate. And it would be up to us when to stop treatments.

“My heart just can’t. I can’t imagine my life without him.”

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