Friday, December 27, 2019

Everything Turning To Shit

Niha Masih / Washington Post:
India's Muslims and activists face mass arrests, beatings amid unrest over citizenship law  —  LUCKNOW, India — When Sadaf Jafar headed out with hundreds of others on Dec. 19 to join a demonstration against India's contentious new citizenship law, she told her children she would be home that evening.
Yascha Mounk / The Atlantic:
Why Trump's Second Term Will Be Worse
Brad Reed / Raw Story:   Trump will only grow ‘more radical and more dangerous’ if he wins a second term: political scientist

Darryl Fears / Washington Post:
On land, Australia's rising heat is ‘apocalyptic.’ In the ocean, it's worse.  —  BRUNY ISLAND, Tasmania — Even before the ocean caught fever and reached temperatures no one had ever seen, Australia's ancient giant kelp was cooked.  —  Rodney Dillon noticed the day he squeezed …
Fuck you jerks & your world of shit & pain. That gawd-damned giant meteor/asteroid/comet cannot arrive too soon.

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mistah charley, sb, ma, phd, jsps said...

yogi berra might have said 'you never know when something surprising might happen' - i remind myself of this on a nearly daily basis