Monday, December 30, 2019

Porcupine Scuttled

SAT 30 DEC 1944
Japanese air attacks continue on Mindoro-bound convoy; kamikazes damage destroyers Pringle (DD-477), 12°18'N, 121°01'E, and Gansevoort (DD-608), 12°21'N, 121°02'E; motor torpedo boat tender Orestes (AGP-10), 12°19'N, 121°04'E; and auxiliary Porcupine (IX-126), 12°21'N, 121°02'E. Porcupine is ultimately scuttled by Gansevoort. Freighter Hobart Baker is sunk by bombs off Mindoro, 12°17'55"N, 121°04'47"E; two of the 26-man Armed Guard are wounded and of the ship's 38-man merchant complement, there are one dead and one wounded. Also off Mindoro, freighter Francisco Morozan is damaged when kamikaze is shot down by U.S. fighter and explodes over the ship; there are, however, no casualties to the 38-man merchant complement and the 29-man Armed Guard.

Submarine Razorback (SS-394) attacks Japanese Manila-to-Takao convoy about 60 miles southeast of Formosa, sinking destroyer Kuretake in Bashii Channel, 21°00'N, 121°24'E, and damaging cargo ships Brazil Maru and _i [sic] Maru.

USAAF B-25s, A-20s and P-40s (5th Air Force) attack Japanese shipping in approaches to Lingayen Gulf, off coast of Luzon, sinking Coast Defense Vessel No.20, 6°30'N, 120°18'E; submarine chaser Ch 18 off Santiago Island, and army cargo ships Aobasan Maru, Muroran Maru, and Teikai Maru north of San Fernando, 17°18'N, 119°25'E.

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