Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Shakespeare Attacks On New Yr.'s Eve

SUN 31 DEC 1944
U.S. freighter Juan de Fuca is torpedoed by Japanese plane about 20 miles off Mindoro, and runs aground off Ambulong Island; there are no casualties among the 41-man merchant complement and the 27-man Armed Guard (see 1 January 1945).

British submarine HMS Shakespeare attacks Japanese convoy and sinks merchant cargo ship Unryu Maru east of Port Blair, 11°40'N, 093°15'E.

During December (date unspecified), car float YCF-42 founders in heavy weather, 34°47'N, 75°5'W.

USAAF heavy bombers pound Hamburg; in the massive raid, German submarine U-906, minesweeper M 445 and cargo vessels Faro, Mannheim and Rival are sunk.

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