Friday, December 13, 2019

FRI 13 DEC Two Days Early

WED 13 DEC 1944
Japanese suicide planes damage light cruiser Nashville (CL-43), 08°57'N, 123°28'E, and destroyer Haraden (DD-585), 08°40'N, 122°33'E, Mindanao-Negros area.*

Submarine Bergall (SS-320) battles Japanese heavy cruiser Myoko off Royalist Bank, South China Sea, 08°09'N, 105°40'E; both ships emerge from the encounter damaged. Although Bergall damages her heavier adversary in that battle off French Indochina, she is hit by a dud 8-inch shell from Myoko and is forced to terminate her patrol.

Submarine Pintado (SS-387) sinks Japanese fast transport T.12 and landing ship T.104 in South China Sea, 19°30'N, 118°40'E. Although Pintado claims her destruction, the third ship in the convoy, landing ship T.106, continues on to Manila (see 15 December).

Destroyer Charles F. Hughes (DD-428) fires first of three shore bombardment missions, targeting troop concentrations and artillery positions along the Franco-Italian border, that she will carry out between 13 and 16 December.
*Rear Admiral Arthur D. Struble, commanding TG 78.3, consequently shifted his flag from the damaged Nashville to destroyer Dashiell (DD-659).

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