Saturday, December 21, 2019

Kamikaze Attacks

THU 21 DEC 1944
Off Mindoro, kamikazes damage destroyer Foote (DD-511), 11°05'N, 121°20'E, and tank landing ships LST-460 and LST-749, 11°13'N, 121°04'E. Off Panay, freighter Juan de Fuca is crashed by a suicide plane; the explosion and resultant fire kills ewo and wounds 14 of the 65 embarked Army troops, as well as wounding two of the 27-man Armed Guard. Juan de Fuca, although damaged, continues on to Mindoro (see 31 December).

Submarine Sealion (SS-315) carries out second attack on Japanese supply ship Mamiya, and sinks her in the South China Sea, 17°55'N, 114°11'E.

Mines damage Japanese escort vessel Amakusa 680 miles from Kanameiwa and gunboat No.2 Hiyoshi Maru off Etorofu.

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