Monday, December 2, 2019

Sturdy Sinks Communication Ship No.142

SAT 2 DEC 1944
Four destroyers (DesDiv 44) bombard Japanese positions at Palompon and northern Ormoc Bay, Leyte. Another group of three destroyers (DesDiv 120) (Commander John C. Zahm) enters Ormoc Bay at night and battles enemy aircraft, destroyers, and shore batteries.

Submarine Gunnel (SS-253) lands supplies and evacuates Allied aviators from Palawan, P.I.

Submarine Sea Devil (SS-400) attacks Japanese convoy MI-29 in the East China Sea, sinking merchant tanker Akigawa Maru and passenger/cargo ship Hawaii Maru about 80 miles south-southwest of Kyushu, 30°24'N, 128°17'E.

British submarine HMS Sturdy sinks Japanese Communication Ship No.142 in Makassar Strait, 04°05'S, 119°32'E.

USAAF B-24s sink Japanese gunboat Bantan Maru and damage auxiliary minesweeper Cha 105 and cargo ship Sh_ka [sic] Maru 140 miles nautical miles [sic] from Makassar, 03°30'S, 117°30'E.

USAAF P-40s attack Japanese shipping off Palompon, P.I., sinking motor sailship Kosei Maru.

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