Thursday, December 12, 2019

Air Actions

TUE 12 DEC 1944
USMC (MAG 12) and USAAF (13th Air Force) planes thwart last attempt by Japanese to reinforce their Leyte garrison (the 9th phase of the TA Operation) by attacking convoy off the northeastern tip of Panay. Destroyer Yuzuki is sunk by USMC planes 65 nautical miles north-northeast of Cebu, 11°20'N, 124°10'E; landing ship T.159 is sunk by USMC and USAAF planes north of Camotes Island, P.I., 11°20'N, 124°10'E.

Motor torpedo boats PT-490 and PT-492 sink Japanese destroyer Uzuki off Canaguayan Point, Leyte, 11°03'N, 124°23'E.

Destroyer Caldwell (DD-605) is damaged by kamikaze off Leyte, 10°30'N, 124°42'E; medium landing ship LSM-42, damaged by aircraft, is beached on west coast of Leyte.

Japanese escort destroyer Kiri and fast transport T.15 are damaged by aircraft off Ormoc.

Japanese river gunboat Katata damaged by USAAF aircraft in the Yangtze River near Kiukiang, China.

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