Tuesday, December 24, 2019

"V-1 or V-2 explodes overhead"

SUN 24 DEC 1944
TG 94.9 (Rear Admiral Allan E. Smith) follows USAAF bombing raid on Iwo Jima by shelling airstrips and other installations there; destroyers Case (DD-370) and Roe (DD-418) sink Japanese fast transport T.8, 25°10'N, 141°00'E, and landing ship T.157, 24°47'N, 141°20'E.

Submarine Barbero (SS-317) sinks Japanese submarine chaser Ch 30, 02°45'N, 110°53'E, and damages transport Junpo Maru, 01°10'N, 108°20'E (see 25 December 1944).

USAAF B-25s sink Japanese fishing boat Shinei Maru off Timor.

Aircraft sink Japanese army cargo ship Goro Maru, Yangtze River.

Japanese tanker Ryusho Maru is damaged by grounding, 14°28'N, 109°07'E.

U.S. freighter Timothy Bloodworth, anchored at Antwerp, Belgium, and awaiting formation of a convoy to proceed to the United States, is damaged when one V-1 or V-2 rocket bomb explodes overhead and a second lands nearby. There are, however, no casualties among the 41-man merchant complement, the 26-man Armed Guard and one passenger.

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