Friday, December 6, 2019

"breaks in half and sinks"

WED 6 DEC 1944
Submarine Haddo (SS-255) damages Japanese tanker No.3 Kyoei Maru, 14°43'N, 119°39'E.

Submarines Segundo (SS-398), Trepang (SS-412), and Razorback (SS-394) attack Japanese convoy of ten cargo vessels and four escorts west of Dalupiri Island, P.I., en route from Takao to Manila; Trepang damages army cargo ship Fukuyo Maru and merchant cargo ships Jinyo Maru and Yamakuni Maru, 18°59'N, 121°05'E; Segundo damages merchant cargo ships Kanjo Maru, Yasukuni Maru, and Shinfuku Maru, 18°57'N, 120°58'E (see 7 December 1944).

Fleet tug Quapaw (ATF-110) arrives to assist freighter Antoine Saugraine, damaged the previous day by Japanese aerial torpedo off Leyte; she stands ready to tow the freighter if necessary (see 7 December 1944).

Aircraft sink Japanese army cargo ship Shinto Maru in South China Sea off Luzon, 18°52'N, 120°57'E.

British submarine HMS Shalimar damages Japanese merchant tanker Shinbun Maru in Strait of Malacca.

Car float YCF-42 breaks in half and sinks in heavy seas while in tow of auxiliary tug ATA-181 near Cape Lookout, South Carolina.

Tank landing ship LST-906, aground since 18 October at Leghorn, Italy, is further damaged in gale.

Rescue tug ATR-1 is damaged in collision in Tyrrhenian Sea, 41°27'N, 12°40'E.

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