Sunday, December 15, 2019

Spin-Off Podcast Tour

If I didn't leave the house (I damn well could have virtually all I consume delivered, & don't think it isn't tempting.) I'd have no fucking idea, & here's something/someone of which/whom I was previously unaware.
Turns out Stassi is a "reality telebision* star" who's parlayed her fifteen mins. into a podcast & a book that made an NYT best-seller list.

The Haves & The Have-Mores

Even among those who have enough to spend their Saturday night watching this (Anecdatally, mostly honky women in perhaps their later 20s; saw one male hipster in the tow of a date.) there are distinctions being made:

*I was aware there is/was a tee vee program called Vanderpump Rules, but had & still have no fucking idea. Is it an MTV reality deal? I'd as soon just not know.

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