Saturday, December 28, 2019

No Survivors

THU 28 DEC 1944
Japanese air attacks commence against Mindoro-bound TG 77.11 (Captain George F. Mentz); kamikazes crash tank landing ship LST-750 and U.S. freighters William Sharon and John Burke. John Burke, carrying ammunition, explodes, the cataclysmic blast damaging auxiliary Porcupine (IX-126) and motor torpedo boat PT-332. There are no survivors from among John Burke's 40-man merchant complement and 28-man Armed Guard.

Fragments from John Burke also hit freighter Francisco Morozan 100 yards away, wounding three of that ship's merchant complement. William Sharon, set afire by the kamikaze and gutted by fires that are ultimately controlled, is abandoned, the survivors transferring to destroyer Wilson (DD-408), whose assistance proves invaluable in extinguishing the blaze that has consumed the freighter. Salvage vessel Grapple (ARS-7) later tows the merchantman to San Pedro Bay for repairs. LST-750, hit subsequently by aerial torpedo, is consequently scuttled by destroyer Edwards (DD-619), 09°01'N, 122°30'E. Enemy air attacks continue the following day.

Submarine Dace (SS-247) attacks Japanese convoy, sinking supply ship Nozaki off Cape Varella, French Indochina, 12°36'N, 109°38'E, and damaging Chefoo Maru.

USAAF B-24 sinks Japanese motor sailboat No.38 Tachibana Maru off Flores Island.

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