Saturday, December 7, 2019

Annual Xmas Message To Beggars

'Tis the season for lazy parasites to be begging; I remind all & sundry that never once, even when I was homeless & living on General Relief (US$162.00 in food stamps & around US$212.00 in cash/mo.) & a few free (Worth every penny, you betcha!) meals have I ever asked anyone, ever, for any damn money, on the iNternet or in your horrid meatspace. (From misplaced pride, sure, & the hassle of establishing a way to get money w/o a bank acc't. or permanent address, yada, as well as the grim knowledge that no one would help me anyway, based on the simple fact that no individual has ever done a damn thing for me. [Where is the middle-finger emoji?])

This reporter does not for one effing minute swallow the "need money to keep the site going" crap. Wha', Blogger isn't good enough for you? You have to pay someone to host your fucking site? WHY? This is esp. irksome when encountered from middle-class liberals w/ the bad taste to mention their houses & relatively well-paying jobs. If you can't make the hosting bill this month, check your priorities, maybe go w/o meat for a wk. or something. Don't try to drag me into your financial troubles.

St. Nick on a Stick, I could use a set of teef that fit & don't make me gag, but I don't beg &/or go on about it, other than to make the point that I don't go on about it.

Show some self-respect: Pay for your own hobbies, damnit!


Ten Bears said...

Fokin' aeh ...

M. Bouffant said...

War On Xmas Editor:
If they don't knock it the hell off, we're naming names next yr.