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FRI 15 DEC 1944
Admirals William D. Leahy (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), Ernest J. King (Chief of Naval Operations) and Chester W. Nimitz (Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet) are promoted to the rank of fleet admiral.

TG 78.3 (Rear Admiral Arthur D. Struble) lands Army forces on southwest coast of Mindoro under cover of carrier-based aircraft (Rear Admiral Felix B. Stump). Mindoro operation, conceived and undertaken to secure an all-weather airfield to support large-scale landings on Luzon, is regarded as a hazardous venture deep into Japanese-controlled waters. Tank landing ships LST-472 and LST-738, damaged by kamikazes off southern tip of Mindoro, 12°19'N, 121°05'E, are scuttled by destroyer Hall (DD-583). Elsewhere off Mindoro, suiciders damage escort carrier Marcus Island (CVE-77); destroyers Paul Hamilton (DD-590) and Howorth (DD-592), 12°19'N, 121°02'E; and motor torpedo boat PT-223, 12°19'N, 121°05'E.

Miscellaneous auxiliary Argonne (AG-31) is damaged by explosion of depth charge accidentally dropped by submarine chaser SC-702, Kossol Roads, Palaus.

Submarine Dragonet (SS-293) is damaged when she runs aground 12,000 yards off Japanese seaplane base, Matsuwa Island, Kurils.

Submarine Hawkbill (SS-366) sinks Japanese destroyer Momo west of Luzon, 16°40'N, 117°42'E.

TF 38 planes sink Japanese landing ship T.106, which had escaped destruction by submarine Pintado (SS-387) on 12 December 1944, in South China Sea off Luzon, 15°30'N, 119°50'E, and damage Coast Defense Vessel No.54 north of Calayan Island, Luzon Channel, 19°25'N, 121°25'E.

Command designated Naval Forces Germany (Admiral Robert L. Ghormley) is established with headquarters at Rosneath, Scotland.

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