Sunday, December 22, 2019

Nazis Shoot Back

FRI 22 DEC 1944
Tank landing ship LST-563 sinks after grounding off Clipperton Island.

Destroyer Bryant (DD-665) is damaged by kamikaze off Mindoro, 12°00'N, 121°00'E.

Submarine Flasher (SS-249) attacks Japanese convoy in the South China Sea, and sinks fleet tanker Omurosan Maru and merchant tankers Otowasan Maru and Arita Maru about 250 miles north of Cam Ranh Bay, French Indochina, 15°07'N, 109°05'E.

Submarine Tilefish (SS-307) sinks Japanese torpedo boat Chidori southwest of Omaezaki, 34°33'N, 138°02'E.

USAAF B-24s attack Japanese shipping off north Borneo, sinking small cargo vessels Nitto Maru, Sumiyoshi Maru, Kanju Maru, Kojin Maru, and Hashiro Maru and damaging Chosiu Maru.

RAF and Dutch Mitchells attack Japanese shipping off Koepang, Timor, sinking cargo vessel Nanyo Maru.

Destroyer Gleaves (DD-423) is damaged by shore battery fire as she shells German troop concentrations on the Franco-Italian border.

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