Sunday, July 19, 2015

Prez Crusing Again

FRI 19 JUL 1940
President Roosevelt signs Naval Expansion ("Two Ocean Navy") Act providing, among other things, for 1,325,000 tons of combatant shipping, 100,000 tons of auxiliary shipping, and 15,000 aircraft; this legislation will expand the fleet 70 percent.

Presidential yacht Potomac (AG-25), with President Roosevelt embarked, departs Washington Navy Yard for cruise in Chesapeake Bay, accompanied by auxiliary Cuyahoga (AG-26) (see 21 July).

Heavy cruisers Wichita (CA-45) (Rear Admiral Andrew C. Pickens) and Quincy (CA-39) reach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; destroyers Walke (DD-416) and Wainwright (DD-420) arrive the same day and transfer their marine passengers; Walke's to Wichita and Wainwright's to Quincy.

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