Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Jade Helm? What About Green Flag?
Completely under the radar, but Obama's Air Force & Army are not limiting their aggression against the patriotic peoples of the American Southwest to Jade Helm '15. No, he wants to bomb all freedom & liberty loving Christians to hell under the "Green Flag" of Islam! Training for which was completed before Jade Helm started!
The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter for the first time provided close-air support to ground troops in the Air Force’s Green Flag training exercise – the service’s large-scale air-to-ground mock combat operation in the southwestern U.S., Air Force officials said.

The training was one of the first times the F-35 has participated in close-air support missions, flying alongside F-16s, Army helicopters, Predator drones and the much-discussed A-10s, said Air Force Lt. Col. Cameron Dadgar, Commander, 549th Combat Training Squadron.

“This was the first time the F-35s were the main airframe. The schedule and the scenarios were built around the fact that there was going to be an F-35,” Dadgar said.

The combat scenarios ranged from close-quarters air support to air-to-air engagements against near-peer adversaries. The exercise involved about 5,000 Army ground troops from Fort Irwin, Calif., and aircraft from Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., over vast areas over the western U.S. and Pacific Ocean, Dadgar told Military​.com.
First shock & awe/death from above, then, well, every American knows the rest:More from LTC Dadgar. And, your tax dollars at work:


mikey said...

Ok, think about it. You're behind a berm, in a hole you scratched out while putting rounds downrange. Your platoon has pulled back to a fifty meter perimeter, your 240 Bravos are running out of belts, the attackers are pushing closer, your wounded are piling up and the extraction choppers are saying it's too hot to come in.

So your FAC calls on the CAS net, and you gratefully hear "Snake 3 and 4, flight of two, where do you want it?" And your FAC says "We're behind the berm two hundred meters west of the road, we're taking fire from the west, lay it in between the road and the berm, and bring it danger close".

And you don't get an A-10, you get a couple ridiculous stealth fast movers that can't get low enough or slow enough to identify the players, and a string of 250 pound small diameter bombs drop long and the F-35s waggle their wings, wish your FAC good luck and roll off target...

M. Bouffant said...

Near-Miss From Above Ed.:
Getting the impression/reading too much speculation that it'll be nothing but drones soon enough. Wait'll every company commander/jihadist cell has a flock of 'em.