Sunday, July 12, 2015

"Friendly Relations" To Be "Cultivated"

FRI 12 JUL 1940
Light cruiser Phoenix (CL-46) reaches Valparaiso, Chile, for a six-day visit "to cultivate friendly relations" (see 18 July).

Destroyer O'Brien (DD-415) departs Pará, Brazil, for La Guaira, Venezuela (see 16 July).

Destroyers Walke (DD-416) and Wainwright (DD-420) reach Pará:, Brazil, en route to Rio de Janeiro. Both destroyers are transporting marines to join the detachments in heavy cruisers Wichita (CA-45) and Quincy (CA-39).

U.S. passenger liner Manhattan departs Lisbon, Portugal, with approximately 800 American citizens and their families.

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