Thursday, July 23, 2015

Today In 58-Yr. Old White Male Americans* W/ Guns: BANG!!

We are all trainwrecks.
Is the cinema the new target of choice for armed lunatics? I'm sure if I look at an upcoming release schedule I can find a few films that deserve to be shot up. (Probably be harder to find many that don't deserve perforation.)

Christ on a crutch, hrs. ago I blew U.S.$447.45 (That's w/ a 50% discount on the lenses, frames were a mere U.S.$99.95!) on a pair of cheaters. Should I have charged weapons & ammo instead (also conveniently leaving Capital One to pay for my murdering)? Not that I was planning on any sharpshooting, but I s'pose improved vision could help accuracy.

P.S.: False-flag operation to get joke G.O.P. prez candidate Bobby "Piyush" Jindal's sad mug on tee vee to blather the standard idiocy?
P.P.S.: Maybe the guy hadn't been to the movies for a while & wasn't aware he'd have to pay four hrs.' wages for a two-hr. (max) movie, a drink & a tub of popcorn product.
*Not to worry: 58's in my rear-view mirror; if I hadn't already quit I'd be retirement-eligible in a couple of mos.

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