Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, Wait, We Were Going to Quit, But We Forgot Something Horrid

We always think of Parade "magazine" as the ultimate arbiter of middle-middle-class middle-browness.

So it's not encouraging when this sort of thing is featured on this wk.'s cover,

w/ the usual cop-out from the capo of the Bush Crime Family:

George and Barbara Bush:

'Let History Decide What We Got Right'

by David Baldacci
published: 12/13/2009
We'll tell you one thing it doesn't take history to determine: Both of you patrician assholes got the entire "child raising" thing horribly, horribly wrong. And both of you should have the decency to go away until you die a long & painful death.

And, we'd like to know what the hell "Home for The Holidays" means in the context of the filthy rich? Trouble w/ the private jet taking them from Houston to Maine, Paraguay or wherever? Tough decisions: Ski trip to Gstaad or time w/ the children? Screw them, they can stay at the boarding school over X-Mess, we really need to relax from our demanding being-rich-all-the-time life.

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