Friday, December 11, 2009

American Power Psychology

A real American speaks on the vital issues of the day: Dirty back-stabbing yellow-bellies!
I do recommend E.D.'s post, if for nothing else but the butt-freak arrogance that's dribbling off the page like a milky load of Andrew Sullivan's spooge. E.D. ridicules Andy Schlafly, the no-name publisher of the unread Conservapedia, with supreme self-importance:
What th'? We'll only ask typist Donald Douglas why, if Andy ("No-Name") Schlafly is a nobody from an un-read site, why get all tense about it? Let alone frame it like that? Why, one might even assume, in a ten-cent psychology way, that there are certain unreolved conflicts, quite possibly of a sexual nature, that may have had some influence on his political outlook.

Or he's just an asshole:
And E.D. Kain's an intellectual mountebank and an ideological imposter. I'd say a yellow-bellied backstabber as well, but I've cover that ground before. See, "Sleaze-Blogger E.D. Kain Interviews Despicable Libel-Blogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs."

Click the link above. More of the lowdown on E.D. Kain, po-mo-prick-in-arms to the wannabe right's libel-blogging contingency.
An asshole w/ problems. Calm down, American.

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