Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Mark Of Distinction

Note well (Damn well!) that there is no robot-snow cascading down this web page.
Which leads us to asking what this thing is w/ X-mess & snow & the whole bit? How many damn movies have that scene where someone (not always a silly child who knows no better) wakes up X-mess morning & is ecstatic because it snowed over night? ("It's magic!") May be a metaphor for covering up the dysfunctional horror of the family who were at each other's throats X-me$$ Eve, fueled by a couple or ten shots of "Christmas Cheer" & the sheer unmitigated ugliness that lurks in the heart of most Americans.

Why you fucking sheep insist on returning to your spawning grounds like salmon (or the sheep you are) every holiday season just kills us.

Alternate theory: Transplanted, Hollywood-bound screen writers, missing the snow of their youth?


Mendacious D said...

If it's Hollywood, you know it's cocaine.

M. Bouffant said...

Knows Because He's Spent Too Much Of His Life Here Editor Notes:

Goodness, what a cheap shot. Just shameless. If only it had occurred to us.