Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Don't Blame The Guns!

Gotta love that on FOXNews it's a "School Tragedy," as if Sandy Hook Elementary collapsed in an earthquake or burned down w/ a tragic loss of life, rather than a "School Massacre" or "Shooting" or something honest.
That's FoxNews "legal analyst" Peter Johnson Jr. there.
He is a piece of human garbage spouting the party line.
If you must ...


Substance McGravitas said...


Aunt Snow said...

I hate the media's use of the word "tragedy" for what is usually a crime, a terrible accident, or natural disaster. I always think of tragedy in human terms - remembering my education in drama. But in this case, "tragedy" may be more apt, at least in describing what went so terribly wrong in the Lanza family, and the fact that it drove that sick young man to commit such an unspeakable act.

But I know that the media isn't using the word in that sense - they are using it because of the volume of deaths.

To Fox News it's all the same as if those kids were killed by a tornado or automatic firepower - just a terrible, unavoidable accident that could have happened to anyone at any time.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Oh come on, let's talk about something important!


jim said...

Rounds were fired.