Saturday, October 30, 2021

Lying Liars & The Lies They Tell

Blow me, Bill Maher. And fuck you, Fox News.
Cut out their lying tongues & break their lying typing fingers.

I mean, Bill fucking Maher wears a useless fucking rag* around his useless fucking pencil-neck because of imagined horseshit concerning "respect" for his viewers ("You're in their living room, Bill.") when he's on telebision. Why is sporting a "diaper" over his ugly mouth & nose for an actual protective purpose such a big deal? It's as if he's both a cretin & mentally ill. Or just a fucking asshole.
*Be funny to have a little neck-tie party for ol' Bill, wouldn't it? Strangle his lying two-faced ass w/ that phony tie.

1 comment:

Ten Bears said...

I'm always bothered by those who claim atheism, non-religion, but never fail to pass up the opportunity to remind us they are of "God's Chosen People".

I like that headline, it should become a meme, or tradition ...