Thursday, October 28, 2021

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A mere 432 views so far? Fuck every one of you fucks who haven't clicked yet. I slave for hrs. at a time over a hot keyboard, stopping only to make cups of tea or to pass it, & what do I get? Not even 500 clicks from a nation of 300+ million fucking sheep.  


Anonymous said...

Good day mate.

Al said...

I'm a 72 year old Vietnam Veteran who is a socialist and an antifascist. I was born in Alabama and raised up in Texas. I have never been married or had children. I don't own a car or a TV and get around on a bicycle and public transit. I live on social security and a VA disability in a house the bank owns. I smoke weed and drink beer. Every day I wake up in a racist, corporate capitalist, white supremacist, militarized police state that is the most hated, evil and destructive country on the planet. After I climb out of bed and make my coffee, the next thing I do is read the Web of Evil (&Ennui). Thank you for your insights and introducing me to the Angry Samoans.