Tuesday, October 12, 2021


Yuck foo, Walgreens. "Cost of doing business." Gotta love the young free market entrepreneurs riding through the store on bicycles helping themselves. So much for your temples of commodity fetishism, pigs.
Jesse O'Neill / New York Post:
Walgreens closes five more San Francisco locations, citing ‘organized retail crime’  —  Walgreens is closing five more San Francisco locations as drug stores from the Bay Area to the Big Apple are besieged by rampant shoplifting and lax enforcement.  —  San Fran shoplifters have been emboldened … 
Eli Rosenberg / Washington Post:
A record number of workers are quitting their jobs, empowered by new leverage  —  4.3 million people quit their jobs in August, nearly 3 percent of the workforce.  —  The number of people quitting their jobs has surged to record highs, pushed by a combination of factors …
Dunno what the deal is on memeorandum's algorithim, but it's interesting that the reaction to the mainstream media reports is from the usual right-wing fake news outlets, w/ the exception of Brother Loomis at that Warren Zevon fan site. 

Does this sort of talk make the bosses nervous? Would a nationwide general strike make them really nervous? Let's say the wk. between Xmas & New Year's sweet fucking nobody goes to work, or slaves from home. What'll they do, fire you? They can't get "help" as is. 

Especially retail. The only "organized retail crime" is the crummy wages these glibertarian fuckwads so grudgingly pay. Fuck you, bossman!
And here is the longest cover by the Dreadful Grate I could find.

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