Monday, October 18, 2021

Stop Pretending!!

Shut your whining mouths about losing your alleged democracy & your anti-democratic Constitution. No nation w/ a Senate, a filibuster & an Electoral College has any claim to being a democracy, or even a democratic republic, yet none of you idiots noticed until about a yr. ago? Anyone w/ even a vague comprehension of what words mean knew this long ago, & the election of 2000 should have made it frighteningly clear to anyone whose head wasn't permanently lodged in their ass. Which, of course, lets most of the planet out. 

Few gave a shit then, & for all the yakking no one's doing a damn thing now. Lying hypocrites & chicken-shit assholes, every one. Except those who are so bestially stupid & ignorant they can't handle enough information to be hypocrites.

Indeed, is there another nation on the face of this planet that has an Electoral College or a filibuster? What is this bullshit? Stop it, you fucking cretins!!!

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