Wednesday, October 27, 2021

When Do We Get To Use The Guns?

My patience is at an end; I can't fucking wait to start shooting back.
NB: Image taken about 40 yrs. ago. My aim has only improved since.

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Ten Bears said...

Damn, there's a spot of dust on my AR. Better take it apart, clean n' grease it. And the Glock. Since I got all the tools out, should give the huntin' rifle n' revolver a swipe. And Grampa's Luger, that he brought back from his The War. And the .22 single-shot he gave me when I was twelve ...

What's that you ask? Ahh, well, I just call it Tai Chi for lack of a better term, monte in the three-card. Seriously, what do you think of when you hear "Tai Chi", huh, old folks doin' graceful stuff down at the park? That's exactly what I want people to think.

(He gave me a pony when I was ten)