Thursday, October 21, 2021

And Now, A Better Reason To

Shouldn't this ambulatory piece of furniture & his "Mother" been "canceled" some time ago?
Tom LoBianco / Vanity Fair:
“He's Making Real Money for the First Time in His Life”: Mike Pence Is Already Cashing In on His Potential 2024 Run  —  The former veep and his wife are living their best lives: traveling widely, making bank on the speaking circuit, and residing in one of Indiana's toniest suburbs.
Just as their hero Jesus lived. Modest, cloth-coat Republicans. Hah! Not hard to imagine "Mother" asking, "Miiiike, why don't we ever have any money?" over & over, is it?And who is fool enough to pay a legalized bribe to any one-term Vice-President, let alone a bribe that involves listening to such a world-renowned dullard & stiff? People hedging their bets on the possibility Trump will be mouldering in his grave/prison by 2024? (S'pose he could run from prison. Electing a convicted seditionist & tax-evading crook really would own the libs, wouldn't it? "Vote The Crook In!" would be quite a switcheroo.)

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