Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Real World Horror For Hallowe'en

Witches Sabbath of intellectual scum to convene on Hallowe'en:
Today, the conservative intellectuals who first came together in defense of Trumpism and under the banner of National Conservatism are preparing the ideological terrain for a post-liberal America. Not to take them seriously betrays a historical naïveté and a fetishization of the intellect—as if intelligence has never walked alongside moral and political horror—as well as a dreadful overconfidence in the immediate appeal of the liberal democratic worldview.
Laura Field / New Republic:
Pro-Trump Professors Are Plotting an Authoritarian Comeback  —  On Halloween, the second National Conservatism conference, or NatCon II, will kick off in Orlando, Florida.  It is hard to know quite what to make of the lineup for the three-day fest, which boasts a few household names …
Adam Ellwanger / The American Mind:   Preparing the Way Ahead  — In the summer of 2019, just a few months before the onset of the pandemic, a few dozen right-leaning intellectuals met in Washington, D.C. They came together because they shared a feeling that America was at a dangerous impasse—one in which liberal ideology, approaching its sociocultural endgame, threatened to destroy the traditions and conceptual foundations of western democracies. This conference, dubbed “National Conservatism,” made news across the world. Organized by the Edmund Burke Foundation, the conference is now viewed by some as the beginning of the intellectual effort to galvanize a new coalition of political tribes that might be equipped to resist the looming threats to western life—both at home and abroad.
Whoa there, cowpoke. Who exactly is threatening "to destroy the traditions and conceptual foundations of western democracies"? Sissy liberals? Or the kind of shitheel who wants "western democracy" to mean oligarchy, rule by the elites, a limited franchise & so on? These vast intellects are living in Bizarro World, & the AT&T/Warner Bros./DC Comics industrial complex should evict them directly to lunatic asylums.

Why "western" democracies? Perhaps western ones are special simply because they're, you know, "western", which, I must suspect, means "whiteEuropean" to Ellwanger. Not unlike current white Xian paradise Hungary.

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