Thursday, July 28, 2011

More Not A Christian, Or Even A Scotsman

Professional buffoon & wing-nut welfare recipient/beggar R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. is spinning (sadly, not in his grave) to keep the filth of Norway from corrupting R.'s bigoted bullshit.
Both were meticulous planners, though I dare say Breivik was Hitler's superior. He would not delay an invasion of Russia. Both harbored grudges against threats to their culture from the foreign-born, and what Breivik called the "cultural Marxists." I can well imagine the Führer admiring Breivik's taste in uniforms, his Aryan features, and his longing for his Viking past. Both were mama's boys.
So they were both fags, but Breivik was actually smarter than Hitler! (Whose only unredeeming quality was not invading Russia sooner.)
I actually doubt Breivik is any kind of Christian, but rather a fanatical pagan, a Viking. On that, he and Hitler might congratulate themselves. Both were pre-Christian savages.
Savages! Barbarians!! Waiting for Marcus Bachmann to weigh in on this one.

Also, the Bill O'Reilly approach: Murder Boy wasn't an officially enrolled member of a church, so ... something. And a chance to rail at "Liberals," who don't go to church either!!
Breivik hated Muslims and other immigrants' entering into Norway, and now the amazing Liberals are linking him to almost any critic of immigration or of Islam, even critics of illegal immigration and of militant Islam -- terrorists, for instance. I find these Liberals amazing because most have never shown any sympathy for any of the West's organized religions, at least not religions that demand anything from their believers. I suppose a religion that suggested yoga or Pilates from adherents or perhaps vegetarianism might appeal to these Liberals. Yet I cannot see them respecting an obligation to attend Sunday church or honor a celibate priesthood or defend female-male marriage, or any other requirement associated with an established religion of the West.
Of course, railing at "Liberals" is what The American Spectator is all about. (When their politics are bullshit & every reasoning being knows it, baiting one's opponents is all that dead-enders have left.)
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Dr.KennethNoisewater said...

Does that link really say Liberal-baiting or was it p-shopped? BEcause if it's real...WOW. They really are a bunch of fucking assholes that should be beaten with bats with nails in them.

Sorry. Violent rhetoric.

M. Bouffant said...

Harrumph! Editor:

We've no Photoshop in our devil-box. (Are you implying that we are less than truthful in everything we do?)

Were you to click you could probably see the real thing on the AmSpec site.

Not to worry, we're at the point where we advocate both violent rhetoric & violent violence.