Friday, July 29, 2011

Wallowing In It

Nostalgia, that is. When we first dragged our sorry & even then sagging ass to the center of the known (media) universe in 1973, the first dump on which we signed a lease was at 8497 Sunset Blvd., just across from Dino's Lodge, remembered here.
Dean "Dino" Martin & Ed "Kookie" Byrnes
Here, Connie "Connie" Stevens & Ed "Kookie" Byrnes: "I just want you to stop combing your hair & kiss me."(Plas Johnson on sax, allegedly.)

Odd that it's never sunk into our head that the place was torn down in 1985, but as we noted there, we usually look at where we used to live rather than where Dino's used to be.

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