Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rabid Bats Invade L.A., Ventura Counties

We link to this only because we enjoy pointing out that Moorpark is Kraproom backwards. And an influx of rabid bats is a good thing.
Ventura and Los Angeles counties have both reported larger than normal numbers of rabid bats this summer.

Twelve have been found so far this year scattered throughout Los Angeles County. In typical years, eight to 10 rabid bats are found, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said.

In Ventura County, the rabid bats have been concentrated in Spence's neighborhood near Moorpark College.

"In a typical year, all Ventura County might have seven or eight [rabid] bats," said John Brand, an analyst in the Moorpark city manager's office. "Now we've collected 10 in a 60-day period in one neighborhood. One house is the most suspect."
Probably not so good a thing for the bitee at the "suspect" house, of course. No schadenfreude, honest.

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