Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Note

Just because Bush or Cheney called him a "major-league asshole" is no reason to cut Adam Nagourney a fucking break.
There are 18 police helicopters — at least two are in the air at any moment — and six fire department ones. There are 17 Sheriff’s Department helicopters. There are media helicopters, traffic helicopters, tour helicopters, paparazzi and film crew helicopters, corporate helicopters and private commuter helicopters. A flight over downtown the other day found what was, in effect, a helicopter parking lot in the clouds: helipads atop nearly every skyscraper.
Yup, & at least one of the LAPD choppers seems to be orbiting our bunker most of the time. But the helipads are due to a city law requiring every bldg. over 25 stories (or some height, look it up yourself if you give a flying crap) to have a helipad for evacuation in case of fire or earthquakes.

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