Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello, Sailor II

Big demand to see the ships. Just as well we didn't go.

Where not to go if you're a squidly-diddly:
They've served in war-ravaged countries around the world, but Navy crews were warned this week to stay clear of downtown San Pedro while they were in port.

Maps issued by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service were handed to ship crew members after the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier arrived at the Port of Los Angeles on Monday warning them of areas that could be dangerous to visit. The Lincoln is one of four ships participating in the weeklong Navy Week event, with public ship tours offered through the weekend.

On the maps given to crew members at shoreside, several areas - including San Pedro's downtown shopping district - were outlined in red and identified as "high drug use/distribution area."

The back of the map, meanwhile, extols all the amenities that can be found in downtown Long Beach.

Community boosters were furious when information about the maps leaked out, with a Facebook thread quickly filling up with angry, frustrated comments.
Let's be honest: Pedro is the pits.


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Pedro did produce the Minutemen though.

Probably because it is the pits.

M. Bouffant said...

Local Action Ed.:

Yup. And all the other good bands from L.A. County came from other crummy areas or the hideous Valleys, where the anomie & angst are almost palpable & the psychological damage is intense.