Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello, Sailor

This cruddy CBS local vid will probably take a wk. to load, but
America's Navy, a Global Force for Good, will come home to 21 cities in 2011 as part of a nationwide series of Navy Week celebrations.
We can imagine many less interesting activities (sitting at the devil-box all day comes to mind) than going on one or all of these murder machinesweapons platforms & looking around. Indeed,
Cameras are allowed and encouraged.
But we're just not doing well imagining the going part.

MOMENTS LATER: Oh, we can throw this in here; somewhat related to L.A.'s apparent lack of previous Navy Wks. &, therefore, patriotism. (And writ by a Navy guy, Bobbo Heinlein.)
Americans are considered crazy everywhere in the world. They will usually concede a basis for the accusation, but point to California as the focus of the infection. Californians stoutly maintain that their bad reputation is derived solely from the acts of the inhabitants of Los Angeles County. Angelenos will, when pressed, admit the charge but explain hastily, “It’s Hollywood. It’s not our fault–we didn’t ask for it; Hollywood just grew.” The people in Hollywood don’t care; they glory in it.
This is true. Nyaah nyaah.

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