Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Invoke You, Azrael, O Prince Of Darkness

We'd never heard of Linda Hirshman until she & that Megan McArdle we specifically mock (rather than the all-purpose but scattershot mockery here) got into some sort of public disagreement, though merely "Internet public," so there was no physical confrontation, hair-pulling or any of that other stuff, voyeuristic pigs. On the basis of her having complained to Mlle. McA. about a mis-spelling, we'll link to Ms. Hirshman's imaginative compilation of Big Rick Warren's various statements into what his (imaginary) Inaugural invocation might be. If he weren't a big fat coward hiding his insane beliefs from the larger, semi-rational public, that is. (It's no wonder we'd never heard of Hirshman before: she seems to be stuck at a site called the HuffingPost, which to us just sounds dangerous to brain cells. Maybe some exposure here will help her career, even in this economy. We're always giving back, you know.)

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