Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sleepy Afternoon of the Long Knives in the AEI Offices

The economy is thinning the stipends for fascist pseudo-intellectuals. Neo-cons at the American Enterprise Institute are being "viciously" purged, in an orgy of non-responsibility reminiscent of a Stalinist purge. Except for the murders & stuff. But really, it's "vicious." ("You hit me w/ a flower...") And what else would one expect from a pile of old Stalinists & their children?
Least likely to be missed is deluded paranoid Michael Ledeen, allegedly one of the perpetrators of the yellowcake uranium forgeries that helped G.W. Bush to send this nation into a downward spiral many yrs. earlier than it otherwise would have. 
Not to worry, though. This collection of chickenhawks will doubtless find other barnyards in which to scratch around & crow loudly about how brave & manly AmeriKKKa is, & how they are the bravest & manliest, because its so very difficult to send other men to their deaths, even in as noble a cause as protecting oil co. profits.

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