Friday, December 26, 2008

Ad hominem Attack on The Entire Political Right

Just minutes ago, it seems, we were noting Newsbusters' uh ... troglodytic, audience. We weren't kidding, either. 
For absolute evidence of audience difference & superiority, compare submissions in this caption contest (winners here, we modestly add) with the fountain of wit spurting from readers of the "Weekend Captionfest." Granted, World O' Crap's photo doesn't have the possibilities for gender & race humor that the Newsbusters photo offers (Why does that not surprise us? "Look, no white men. Aaahhgh!") but, were an objective observer possible, it would have to determine that We, The Left, were not only more intelligent & knowledgeable, but, most important, funnier. Yes. 
Us. The Good Guys. The decent, truly compassionate people.Well, let's not get too carried away.

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