Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cinema Corner

Hey there film fans, today we have allegedly Marxist film criticism to keep you busy until Mommie wakes up. We shall look at what the author terms "Sagebrush Noir," & try to figure if he's cracked or what. Not that it would be astonishing & unprecedented for a studio hack to re-hack a gangster script as a Western. If you'd wanted to read anything you'd have clicked away by now, so let's look at posters of three of the four flicks Mr. Shepler (Dare we say it?) deconstructs. Most of the traffic here is for images anyway, not the cleverwriting; so here, we give up. Three out of four isn't bad, unless one of the three is the cover of the sound-track album.Of course, one wouldn't be much of a Marxist film crit w/o a French poster.Here in Gawd's own English, big & colorful, the best known of the four.

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