Friday, December 19, 2008

"So Tired, Tired of Waiting..."

It's the purgatory of limbo in here, & we aren't referring to our eating habits. There's the between administrations limbo, & the nihilist's anxious waiting for tangible, visible evidence of the upcoming economic horror. As far as we can determine, there's plenty of media blather, but other than a distinct lack of restaurant patronage, easily noted by the expectant faces atop white shirts peering out the windows of eateries all over, the country hasn't yet fallen apart, & the sheep are still taking it. 
In Greece, the entire fucking country goes nuts for more than a week over the police murder (alleged) of an unknown teen-ager. In AmeriKKKa, the national treasury is poured directly into the pockets of the financiers, even as the auto workers & their pig manufacturing bosses are left to twist in the wind as certain Southern Senators plot to sell American workers to the Japanese & Kraut automakers our boys died to kill a mere 60 odd yrs. ago, and the story is "covered" on the op-ed page, not reported as news or information that might be of use to someone.
The late Jimbo Morrison wanted to "get my kicks, before the whole shithouse goes up in flames." We've had our kicks, how much longer must we wait for the flames?

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